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Positioning Application: Where can I download GLONASS Almanacs or a GLONASS RINEX files?

  • PosApp (SimGEN, SimREPLAYplus)
  • GLONASS Almanacs can be obtained from the following web site:
    • This includes the GLONASS Almanac (extension ".agl") and the RINEX format Almanac (extension ".13G")

  • Both the GLONASS Almanac (extension ".agl") and the RINEX Almanac (extension ".13G") are directly compatible with SimGEN and SimREPLAYplus.
  • Upload the file into the software as follows:
       1) Open the "GLONASS constellation" file.
       2) Navigate to the "motion" --> "orbits" page.
       3) Click "load orbits from file" button.
       4) Select the required Almanac type 
               - "GLONASS Almanac" for a GLONASS almanac (Extension ".agl")
               - "RINEX" for a RINEX file (extension ".13G")
       5) Browse to the downloaded file.
       6) Click OK to complete the loading of the Almanac.
  • The user should take care that the reference time of the orbital parameters is close to the actual start time (see FAQ11801)

Product : SimREPLAYplus,SimGEN,PosApp,GLONASS