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Abacus: I got an error when I load my environment using Tcl. What is the problem?


There can be many problem leading to a failure in loading the specified environment.  Typical examples of these are:

1. Using the wrong syntax of the ::aba::ApiApplication::Load command

2.Typo error in loading the environment.  Note: the name of the environment is case sensitive.

3. Use the wrong sequence in executing the command.  The command ::aba::ApiApplication::Load should only be entered AFTER connecting to the system controller.  A typical sequence is as follows:-

%::aba::ApiApplication app

% app Enter localhost

%::aba::ApiSystemInformation sysinfo

%sysinfo SetConnection "IPAddress of the Abacus" "Password"

%app Load "Name of the Environment You want to use"

4. The system does not have the resources (e.g. the call generator card) you specify in your environment.

Product : Abacus,Automation