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Why do I keep getting, "An unhandled exception has occurred in your application." when I try to install the Attack Designer license in Avalanche?


This is usually caused by one of the following two issues:

 - You do not have enough permissions.  Please ensure that you are logged in with administrator rights, and for Windows 7 machines, please ensure that all the Avalanche applications including the License Manager have been set to "Run as Administrator" by right clicking on the shortcut and under Properties>Compatibility setting this option.

 - The other most common issue is due to a corrupt installation.  Please remove the currently installed Spirent software.  Next download a clean copy of the Spirent testCenter GUI, the 8.4.13 TCL package and the Avalanche L4-7 application from the Spirent Support site (  All three software packages can be found under the Download>Spirent TestCenter section.  Once you have the software downloaded, please reinstall the packages in the above order with administrator rights.


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