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I just upgraded my rack with the new TCU, SR8048 and SR8068. I was able to run AirAccess tests on TASKIT C2K, and Testdrive EVDO. However, when running TASKIT PLTS, why is the mobile not seeing any signal?


With the older TCU combo, SR5068 and TAS5048, all three program with send the RF through the same P2 port on the TAS5048.  However, with the new SR8048 and SR8068 combo, TASKIT C2 and Testdrive EVDO still send signal through the same port (P2 on the SR8048), but TASKIT PLTS uses the P1 port on the SR8048.  Therefore, if the UE is connected to the P2 port of the SR8048, it will not see a signal.  Use the P1 port instead.