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Spirent TestCenter Conformance: How to use ssh instead of telnet for IUT Automation from the GUI?

  • v4.56,v4.69
  • v4.72, v5.01, v5.30
  • Configure IUT
    • Test Procedures
      • ConnectToIut 
  • In versions 4.56 and 4.69:
    • we changed exp_spawn telnet to exp_spawn ssh2
    • we could also us an application like putty and indicate: exp_spawn plink -ssh <ip address>
      • example:     exp_spawn plink -ssh $IutAddress or exp_spawn plink -ssh
  • In versions 4.7x or higher, the above procedures for ssh no longer works.
    • Although ssh worked in previous releases, it was never a supported feature.
      • Note that script only method is still working with ssh but it requires a 32 bit version. See KNI16135
    • Currently the GUI automation method only supports the windows telnet feature. 
      • When using the windows telnet feature it may require an additional return near the end of the procedure.
      • Example: (see highlighted return below)
        •     set logInCmds [list "$LoginPrompt" "$Login" "$PasswordPrompt" "$Password" "$evalPrompt" ""]
              exp_spawn telnet $IutAddress 2006
              foreach {output input} $logInCmds {
                  expect {
                      -re $output {
                          append expectRetValue $expect_out(buffer)
                          if {$input != ""} {
                              exp_send "$input\r"
                              after $sndCmdDelay
                      -re {(.+)} {
                          append expectRetValue $expect_out(buffer)
                      timeout { 
                          LogInfo "$output not received from IUT"
                          return -1
                              exp_send "\r"

Product : CTS