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Why does an "Empty screen without packets" appear after importing a pcap when creating a Spirent Studio scenario?


When importing a packet capture when trying to create a scenario in the Studio Scenario application, It is important to determine the saved format of the packet capture in order to properly create a scenario.

The supported packet capture format for creating Studio Scenarios is:

Format: libpcap (.pcap)


In order to verify this, open the packet capture using Wireshark and check the saved format under File>Save as>File type:
If the "File Type" is NOT  libpcap then the packet capture will have to be re-saved as libpcap (note: Save File type as =  Wireshark/tcpdump/...-libpcap)
For the entire list of "Scenario Capabilities & Limitations", Reference the UI>Help on the Mu appliance regarding packet captures that are supported in Studio Scenario application when creating a scenario.  
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