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Avalanche: What could cause the Avalanche Appliance to abort with the error "startServers" failed to start Server process on unit 0" or "startClients: failed to start Client process on unit 0"?


The error indicates a process on the chassis is not running and hence unable to respond to the Avalanche Commander.  This error occurs if the chassis is loaded with the incorrect firmware.  For example the firmware for the 3100(A) is loaded on the 3100(B).  The unit will boot up fine and you may be able to connect to the chassis and reserve the test ports.  However the test will not start. 

  • The Events log reports: 
    •  startServers: failed to start Server process on unit 0
    •  startClients: failed to start Client process on unit 0 
  • To resolve the issue on the Appliance chassis the correct firmware file needs to be loaded through SSH port 22.  Please contact Spirent support for assistance.  

Product : Avalanche