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Why does Spirent TestCenter show DHCP's state as "Bound" even though some clients did not bind?


It's understandable how the “Bound” state may be misleading but this is working as designed. Hopefully this explanation will clear this up.

First the help file states the following:


So another way of saying the underlined is that if all the DHCP hosts in the device block have been bound OR have completed all their retries then the state will go to bound.  This latter part is what is being seen.

As an example, the default retry count is 4.

If we have 2 STC DHCP hosts in a device block and the device block has reached the “Bound” state.


But we see in “Access” --> “DHCP” --> “DHCP Results” that:

• Of the 2 that were attempted, 1 bound and 1 failed
• The failed DHCP host had retried getting an address 4 times (the default retry count) so after the 4 retries, STC gave up and logged an error as you’ve seen.

So a couple of usable alternatives to see if all of the DHCP hosts have bound are to subscribe to:

• the “Access” --> “DHCP” --> “DHCP Results” results view.  This will show you the stats on a per device block basis.
• the “Access” --> “DHCP” --> “DHCP Port Aggregated Results” results view.  This will show you the stats on a per port basis.

NOTE also that at the bottom of each of these results views there is a row that totals each columns’ counters.  This should also aid in quickly determining if all the DHCP hosts have received addresses or not.

Product : Access,Windows GUI,DHCP,DHCPv6,DHCP-PD