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Why does PosApp Report "incorrect signal types for output" with GSS8000?



This error occurs due to a mismatch between the sig_gen.txt and the signal generator capabilities. In this instance the GSS8000 has the capability to produce GPS L1 signal type only but the sig_gen.txt has been setup for GPS L1 and GPS L2 signals. If you receive this error message please carry out the following steps:-


  1. Open the IEEE/IP String send Utility [tools-->7XXX/8XXX utilities]
  2. Type the command     %CONF 'n' CONF DUMP (where 'n' is the conf number displayed in the error message. In this instance the command would be %CONF4 CONF DUMP)
  3. Make a copy of the returned results
  4. Create a service request (SR) via our support website  The 'open a service request' can be located in the right hand task bar after you have logged in. See figure 1
  5. Attach a copy of the results returned at step 3 to the SR.



If you see a similar error message for a GSS6700 please viewFAQ12166

Product : SimGEN,PosApp,GSS8000