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Why does Avalanche 10 gig tests and 1 gig tests show differently in trial Run - when its the same test?


This has to do with the Number of Cores - and how the cores are combined Trial Run will walk the Action list once - and attempt to Use all the Cores in the test in order to verify that during a full test all cores and ports configured in the test have access

Performing a Trial Run
With Avalanche, you can trial run test parameters before starting a test. The trial run function trials the test by running once through the client Action list. It performs an internal consistency check, scanning through configuration files, error checking, and ensuring that all files referenced are available. The trial run verifies that all of the URLs are accessible. Avalanche also generates certain types of trace files during a trial run. The trial run proceeds as long as it takes to check each URL once, up to the duration of the load profile.

Product : Avalanche