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What does a flashing red Status LED on the front panel of a SMB-600B or SMB6000C mean error wise?


If the Status LED on the front of a SmartBits chassis is flashing it is probably caused by a duplicate IP address.

When the chassis boots up, it pings the network for it's own IP address. If it gets a response then it knows that it will not be able to operate correctly with another device using the same IP address and will not finish the boot up process and will flash the Status LED red.

To confirm this, try removing the Ethernet cable from the ......connect a terminal emulation program to the RS-232 console port and reboot the chassis. It should output an error explaining what it is not booting correctly.

The serial connect setup is 38,400 Baud rate, 8-N-1 (8 data bits, No parity and 1 Stop bit) and no flow control.

Product : SmartBits