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Spirent TestCenter: How to migrate/relocate a Spirent TestCenter configuration from one chassis to another?

  • Spirent TestCenter


1.       Double click and open the configuration
2.       A window pop up and ask “Would you like to connect to chassis and reserve ports automatically”  -> Select “No”
3.       Once the configuration has opened, right click on one of the Port and Select Relocate  As shown below
4.       A window pop up with the ports,  Select all the ports that need to be relocated to different Chassis/ports
5.       Click next and select the Chassis IP address or add the new  Chassis IP address and click to connect
6.       Select the ports make sure the port you select  should match the number of ports that you have selected before
7.       Once you select the ports Click next
8.       Map the ports:  Click on map to map the ports to the new ports   
9.       Click finish. Now the configuration has relocated with different ports


Product : Spirent TestCenter,L2-3,Spirent TestCenter