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Spirent TestCenter: when I configure StreamBlocks, in the RX Port, and what is the difference between using "Any" or "These Port(s)"

  • This parameter is intended to specify Expected Rx ports.
  • When you Select F1 in the RX Port StreamBlock tab you will read the following: 
Rx Port
Raw stream blocks only
Specify the ports to expect to receive the stream block.
·         Select These ports can receive this stream to add ports from the All ports list to the Receive ports list.
·         Select Any port can receive this stream to use all ports.

Notes: frames of this stream received on any other port will be counted as ‘stray’

  • If you select Any Port that means any port can receive/analyze this Stream and if you select These Ports only those ports can receive/analyze the stream.
  • To verify, test and observe the Detailed Stream Results -> Rx Port Names
  • If you select Stray Frames - Stray Frames Select Settings L2L3 – Stream Results Settings – Collect Stray Frames
  • If you select Any Port you will see NO Strays and if you select These Ports you will see any ports can receive the traffic however Ports not selected will see Stray Frames.
  • For Bound StreamBlock this is very similar if you use Fully Meshed.

Other behavior example, (mostly related to RFC type test scenarios).
  • Given multple Rx ports and single Tx port, lets say Port 49 sends traffic to Ports 1 to 48.
    • There are 48 streams and each destination is on a different port.
      • By default, the system already knows each stream is expected to be sent to a single Port. So we don’t need to add more Rx ports.
      • Stream 1 will send from port 49 to port 1
      • Stream 2 will send from port 49 to port 2
      • …..
      • Stream 48 will send from port 49 to port 48
    • When adding additional RX ports to the stream block, what this does is cause the system to expect each stream on all Rx ports that was added.
      • Stream 1 will expect to also receive on ports 2 to 48.
      • Stream 2 will expect to also receive on the other 48 ports.
      • Etc.
      • But if the stream is only received on one port that means the frames will be considered as loss on all the other ports since its expected to be there.

Product : Spirent TestCenter,PGA