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Landslide: How do I setup one direction data traffic in a test session?

  • Landslide
  • Data Message flow
  • For upstream only, Setup the UDP DMF with Expansion Ration parameter to 0 on a Local Network Host.
  • For downstream only, Use a custom UDP DMF where only a client request is defined. Then, Use instances and assignments to change the role of the MN to Server. Then the Network Host sends the one way UDP traffic.

Please note that the uni-directional TCP data would work very well since it requires the receiving side to ACK packets that are received. So packets in both directions are always going to be present with TCP. It's possible to customize a DMF to only send data packets one direction, but there will still be SYN ACK, ACK and FIN ACK packets sent from the other side.

Attached is the example of downstream only from the network host, please take a look.



Product : Landslide,DMF,Landslide Client