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STCLive TandD: How can I transfer a service or services from one STCLive host to another ?


STCLive T&D 5.900 and up


An overview

1)    On the host with the services you want to transfer: <HDI output file> <service search string>
Note: the <service search string> must be in capitals. Also, the wildcard string is %.   To dump all records, specify % alone.
2)    ftp the output file from step 1 to the new host
3)    On the new or destination host: <HDI output file> force
Detailed procedure
1)    Login as smartsys to the host with the services you want to transfer.
2)    Change directory to MetroInventory scripts:
=> cd $METRO_HOME/MetroInventory/scripts
3)    Dump the services from the database using the script.  For example, to dump all services  named “ALL-QSCOPES*” and put them into an hdi formatted output file called “dumped_ckts.hdi” in smartsys’s home directory, you would issue the following:
=> ~smartsys/dumped_ckts.hdi ALL-QSCOPES%
Note: There is no output to this command when the service search string is successful. If unsuccessful, “No circuits found.” will be displayed.
4)     Transfer the files to the new host and put them in the smartsys home directory.
Note:   the ftp should be ASCII. 
5)    Log into the new host as smartsys and change directory to MetroInventory/scripts:
=> cd $METRO_HOME/MetroInventory/scripts
6)    Upload the circuits into STCLive T&D with
=> ~smartsys/dumped_ckts.hdi force
Note: There will be no output to this command.

Product : VW Controller T&D Classic