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Avalanche automation - 4.10 TCL Support FAQ index


Avalanche 4.10 introduced many improvements in the design of the Avalanche API.

As this is a transition from the legacy API you may find the following FAQs helpful:

  • FAQ12016 - Which TCL version should I use with the next generation TCL API in Avalanche?
  • FAQ12592 - Where can I download Active State TCL 8.5.11
  • FAQ12595 - Does Avalanche support the beta Active state TCL 8.6 or JRE (Java Runtime Enviornment) 1.7?
  • FAQ12593 - When does Avalanche legacy API stop being compatible/supported on new releases of Avalanche
  • FAQ11441 - What operating systems (OS) are supported by the Avalanche API
  • SOL10967 - syntax for reserving Avalanche ports with the next generation TCL API


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