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Spirent TestCenter:Why won't my CV-10G module boot in a TestCenter chassis with 3.47 firmware?


First verify that the chassis controller that you are using is at least a version 2. This can be seen in the "Tools/Equipment Information..." window by selecting the chassis and then scrolling to the right until you see the "Controller Version" column. This module will not work with a version 1 controller.

Check to see if the hardware revision of the module is Revision C or newer. If so, you will need TestCenter version 3.55 or newer for this module to boot. Please refer to the attached Product Alert for information on this and also other modules that are affected.

Older H/W revisions of the CV module should work fine in older firmware versions such as 2.60 and above for the 8 port version and 3.00 and above for the 2 port version.

Product : CV