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8100 Radio Access: 16815 Simulated Drive test - I am getting an action step error 'Failed to initiate transfer because the PS RAB session could not be restarted'


This error message indicates that the (dormant) PS-call could not be re-established. The most likely cause is that you have your UE file configured to use 'NIC' as a tethering method. Use 'Internet Connection Sharing' instead

PS-call setup- and management in Simulated Drive Test works as follows:

1. The UE performs a Location Update and GPRS Attach/ Routing Area Update

2. The UE subsequently sets up a PDP context and its associated Radio Bearer

3. The Radio Bearer is reconfigured to 0kbps UL / 0kbps DL, if no IP activity is observed for 3 seconds (i.e. UE sends no data traffic and Application Server does not ping the UE)

4. If no IP activity is observed for another three seconds, the Radio Bearer gets released

5. Once the application server pings the UE again, the NodeB sends a Paging message, asking the UE re-establish the radio bearer so that data traffic can resume

6. Throughout the test case execution, short FTP transfers are setup. The application server's periodic pinging is used to ensure that the FTP transfer will take place on an active radio bearer


The 'NIC' tethering mode will not setup the application server to periodically ping the UE


Please configure your UE file to use either 'dial up' or 'ICS' as shown below

Product : Radio Access