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How to configure LG Revolution (VS910) device work in LTE/eHRPD wireless network?


This topic introduce:

a) how to configure LG Revolution to attach IMS/Internet PDN?

b) how to configure LG Revolution work in ICS mode? See FAQ11614 for details on ICS mode.


1. Dial “##7764726910” (indicate ##program910) and tap Call. Input "000000" for service code, you will see a hidden menu. 

2. THIS IS IMPORTANT: Tap "LTE Configuration" -> "APN Settings",  enable VZWAdmin, VZWInterent and VZWIMS by selecting the APN and check "APN enabled" option.

     Note: Without enable VZWAdmin APN, LG Revolution just attaches to Internet PDN, it doesn't attach to IMS PDN.

3.  There’s also another hidden menu “Network Select” at same level as “LTE Configuration"

     a) In "Network Mode", ensure "Global" is selected.

     b) In "CDMA Network Select" -> "Mode Preference", ensure  "Digital Only Hybrid" is selected.

     c) In "Data Connection Select":

          i) If you want device attach to IMS PDN automatically, check "IMS Data enabled"

          ii) If you want device attach to Internet PDN automatically, check "Internet Data enabled"

          iii) Check both if you want to attach both PDNs automatically

          iiii) Uncheck them if you do not expect a automatic data call

    d) There is a checkbox “LTE Connect w/o IMS PDN”

          i) Uncheck it if you want UE to automatically connect to IMS PDN, otherwise check it.

4. THIS IS IMPORTANT: Check “Disable tethering provision” at same level as “Network Select". Otherwise Client PC can not get IP address from UE.

5. Exit the hidden menu, now UE can access the LTE/eHRPD wireless network.

6. To make device works in ICS mode, goto Settings ->Wireless & network settings ->Tethering, check "Mobile Broadband Connection".

     Note: LG Revolution can't enable ICS mode with Wi-Fi, that is you have to connect laptop and device via USB.

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