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8100 Radio Access: Development Library - How do I configure RxDiversity in a test case?


1. Add a Network- and a Channel Configuration step to your initial conditions in the test case

2. Edit the Network configuration step to open the NCF editor

3. Click on the button labeled 'Configure RF Cell map'

4. Check the box 'Enable RxDiversity' and set the correlation factor to '0' or any other value you might want to use

5. Click 'OK' on both windows to dismiss them 

6. Edit the Channel configuration step

7. You must configure channel 1 first. Choose the amount of noise and fading model you want applied. E.g. a test case with 5db Ior/Ioc and VA120 fast fading should be configured as shown below. Note that there is no need to change the doppler velocity. Once you click on 'OK' to dismiss the window, it will be adjusted automatically based on the fading profile chosen.

8. Make the same choices for channel 2.

9. Click on 'OK' to apply the changes and dismiss the editor window.

Product : Radio Access