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What is the expected life of the battery fitted to the sig gen card in a GNSS simulator?


Note that "sig gen card" is short for "signal generator card" and can also be known as the "channel card".

This article relates to the following GNSS simulator models:-

  • STR4730 / 4750 / 4760 / 4780 / 4790
  • GSS7700 / 7730 / 7735 / 7790 / 7800 / 7900
  • GSS8000

Spirent would expect these batteries to have a minimum service life of approximately 10 years.

When the battery begins to fail or has reached its life expectancy, then you may experience the following symptoms when the simulator is turned on:-

  1. It reports that there are less channels fitted in the simulator than is actually the true case, e.g. you have a 12 channel system but the simulator LCD reports 8 channels (one sig gen card provides 4 channels).
  2. It reports that it has failed to load the FPGA images. Something similar to a "SigGen FPGA Loopback" error may be seen (see article SOL10213)

If you begin to experience problems as described above then it is advisable to contact Spirent Global Services with a description of your issue - use the "Open a Service Request" link that you'll find on the right-hand side of the Knowledge Base. Based on the reported fault and any further information that is learned during the support process, our Global Services team will recommend the appropriate action to resolve the issue.

Product : STR4790,STR4780,STR4760,STR4750,STR4730,GSS7790,GSS7735,GSS7700,GSS7800,GSS7900