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How to use VR5 to simulate a handover environment with 2x2 BiDirectional ? The output power of the base station should be gradually increased and then gradually decreases


1. Start VR5 HD and connect VR5

2. Select 2x2 BiDirectional configuration . Here we assume A1 and A2 for Base Station , B1 and B2 connect UE, B1 for UE1 and B2 for UE2.

3. Set Freqency  and input/output level. Here we set output level to -60dBm

3 Click Advanced settings

4. Change Relative Power of A2->B1 from -20dB to 20dB , then we can see in out port B1, the power from BS2 gradually increased from -80dBm  to -60dBm, while the power of BS1 changed from -60dBm to -80dBm 

Product : VR5