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Why are the Avalanche clients only sending back cookies when using an IP address verses domain in the action list?


For Avalanche clients to send back server cookies the Client/Profile HTTP: User 'use cookies' option must be enabled.

Next if the Set-Cookie from the server includes a Domain=value the Client HTTP Host: header value must match the Set-Cookie Domain= value.

Server sets a cookie with the client:
Set-Cookie: wrhttpservercookie=123456; Expires=Thu, 01 Jan 2015 00:00:00 GMT; Path=/path; Domain=

The client does not send back this cookie in subsequent requests when using a domain as the Host: header does not match the Domain value of

Client header example for the above:
GET /path/somepage.html

To resolve the Domain must ether be set the same as the Client Host header or the Client Host header will need to use the IP value. 

The client HTTP Host: header is set based on the GET line in the Client/Actions list

#Host header will be Host: for this request

#Host header will be Host: for this request

For the server Set-Cookie Domain value this would be set on the Server/Transaction Additional Header field.

More information on HTTP cookies can be found in RFC 6265 

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