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How to configure iTest license server with multiple license files (No lmtools) and start it at windows startup or logon

iTest 4.2

As we know, the lmtools doesn't support configuring license server with multiple license files. So, we have to start the license server from the command line and it will stop when you logoff-login or re-start the machine.

To overcome this we could use Windows Task Scheduler to start the license server at windows startup or logon automatically.

The following is the one of the ways we could achieve this.

1. Create a bat file with the command what we use to start the license server.

Ex: myBatchFile.bat (attached). The licenseFiles directory contains the licenses.

@echo off
D:\spirent-vendor-daemon_v4.2-win32\lmgrd.exe -c D:\spirent-vendor-daemon_v4.2-win32\licenseFiles -l D:\spirent-vendor-daemon_v4.2-win32\debug.log

2. Using Windows Task Scheduler, schedule this task to run at "Startup" and "Log on".

Once we re-login or restart the machine, the license server will start automatically. We could check the license server status by giving the command "lmutil lmstat -s" from the license server directory. FYI, "lmutil lmstat -a" will display complete results. And if we face any issues the debug.log file will tell us the root cause.


Product : Velocity Portfolio,Velocity iTest