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Spirent TestCenter Anywhere : How to uninstall Avalanche / STC Anywhere?

  • Spirent TestCenter Anywhere
  • Avalanche Anywhere

Here are the steps to cleanly uninstall Avalanche/STC Anywhere:

  1. Execute command "stca kill"
  2. Execute command "rm -rf /usr/spirent"
  3. Execute command " rm -rf /mnt/spirent"
  4. Execute "yum remove stca" if the stca has been installed using the yum install process


Here is an example from a root login to uninstall:
[root@fed10pv ~]# stca kill
Try 2 - No PIDs detected for spirent
[root@fed10pv ~]# rm -rf /usr/spirent
[root@fed10pv ~]# rm -rf /mnt/spirent
[root@fed10pv ~]#

Product : Virtual,Avalanche,STC Virtual