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Landslide: How to manually start paused data - Data Message Flow (DMF)



Landslide has a function to allow user to run/start data manually after session/UE connected/established. Following is the instruction on how to set it up and execute it.

  1. Edit DMF under L3-7 tab.
  2. Select option "Start Paused (when a Main flow DMF)”.
  3. Save DMF and run test session.
  4. Once test session is in running mode, subscriber connected/established, notice that there is no data under L3-7 on report file.
  5. Go edit DMF, once DMF window open, at the bottom there is a “Resume Traffic” button.
  6. Click “Resume Traffic” will start data traffic manually.
  7. Click again ‘Pause Traffic’ will suspend/stop data traffic manually.

Product : Landslide,Landslide Client,Landslide