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Getting a message from iTest that its 'Building Workspace' and its taking all the CPU. While this message is on, unable to do any operation in GUI


Building workspace means, whenever you make a change in the workspace -- saving changes to a file, creating a new file, deleting a file, etc., iTest will run a "builder" that checks for problems in that file and in any other files that depend on that file.  To check for problems, the builder reads in the file and runs through a sequence of validations that are specific to the type of file.  If a file changes, then iTest will also verify all files that depend on it.  

iTest automatically knows about dependencies between files.  If you're interested to know what those dependencies are, you can open the Dependencies view (Window > Show View > Other > iTest > Dependencies) and it will show you what files the currently selected file is dependent on, and what files depend on it.

 If you import a new project from somewhere (e.g., from version control), then iTest needs to "build" all of the files in that project.  Otherwise, iTest should only be building files when changes have been made, and only then to affected files.  While the builder is running, if you want to see about what is getting built, you can open the Progress view (Window > Show View > Other > General > Progress).

 Most files can be built extremely quickly.  Response maps are the exception.  To fully validate a response map, iTest performs mapping against all of the samples stored in that map to see if there are any new mapping errors.  For very large maps, this can be time consuming.

 Regardless of this, what you are seeing appears to indicate two unexpected things:

 1)  When a build happens, it always goes on in the background.  So you should not be seeing that it stops anything else.  You should be able to keep working without interruption while a build is underway.

 2)  Building shouldn't really be taking a long time to run, unless you have some huge new projects being imported or are saving really big response maps with huge samples.

 Here are some guesses as to what might be happening:

  • If your workspace information has been lost (e.g., you delete the .metadata folder under your workspace, or it becomes corrupt) then the builder will think that all projects are new and therefore will have to build them all.  Any chance that there is something funny about the workspace itself?
  • If there has been some kind of crash, perhaps the builder has gone into a bad state.  Can you check your Error Log (Window > Show View > Error Log) to see if there are any entries there?  If so, then there may be a bug that needs to be investigated.
You might ask whether there is any way to turn off this building behavior.  The answer is yes.  You can uncheck the item Project > Build Automatically and iTest will stop automatically building when changes occur.  However this is NOT RECOMMENDED.  If iTest is not building, then you won't be learning about problems that you are creating, and iTest won't know about inter-file dependencies that are important in certain scenarios.  
If you have a number of projects in the workspace and you are using only some of them you can close projects you are not using (in iTest Explorer - right click on project, select "Close Project"). This will exclude closed project from build process. Later you can open them (in iTest Explorer - right click on project, select "Open Project").

Product : Velocity Portfolio,Velocity iTest