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Abacus: What is SIP Loop Back?


 The feature is based on a draft rfc: draft-ietf-mmusic-media-loopback-10.  It allows Service Provider to test the media path of their user. Followings are characteristics of this feature:-

* The objects of test include: Voip, Text and Video
* Use of Loopback at the user side to reflect back the send data
* By Measuring the data reflected back, the quality of the media path can be assessed.

Abacus’s Implementation are summarized as below:-

*  SIP Only. Other protocols are not supported.
*  Only voice is supported.  No video.  No text.
*  Abacus supports both source – originating and source - terminating
*  Abacus has limited support on Mirror
*  Only Packet-only is supported (Abacus still responds to the request to loopback media, but that is fake.)

Configuration in Abacus to support the feature:-
*  In Channel -->  PC ---> Advanced --> QOM
*  In RTP --> New tag of media

Product : Abacus,Voice,6.20,6.11 and below,SIP