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Spirent TestCenter: How can I create MPLS static labels in Spirent TestCenter?


If you are using protocols such as LDP RSVP and BGP Labels you will be using MPLS labels for your data plane traffic. Spirent TestCenter has the ability to add static labels to traffic.

This can be achieved by going to the appropriate protocol tab ( ex LDP) and right clicking on the device> You would then select Edit MPLS label bindings > then you have a screen that enabled you to select more routers if needed> Select from the MPLS Type " Static MPLS"> You can also select count , name of the label and the Label number.

After you have created the label you will need to add the label to traffic. Here you would go to your bound stream block and go to Edit Stream block> Then select the Tunnel Binding Tab> Under the "Tunnel Binding" tab you can select  which label you want to use ( has to be the top label) Here you would select the drop down option and select the static label you created. This label will be used in your traffic.

Product : LDP,RSVP,Routing,Spirent TestCenter,MPLS,BGP