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How to use "Ignore sessions that failed to bind" selection for DHCP in Spirent TestCenter?


This is to allow traffic to still be transmitted with failed sessions on a Device block with count greater than 1 and has at least one bound device.

Scenario 1:
A Device Block with a count of 100.
A single stream block uses that device block for traffic.
If all 100 fails, then of course there is nothing that can be sent since none are bound.
If at least one of these device binds, say 99 fails and 1 binds, then the stream block will be okay.
Traffic can be sent using that 1 bound device.

Scenario 2:
100 Device Blocks each with a count of 1.
A single stream block uses all 100 device blocks for traffic.
If just on of these device blocks doesn’t get bound then the stream block will not work.

All device blocks used for that stream block needs to be say bound before traffic can be sent.

Work around is to create separate stream blocks or combine the devices so that the Device block still gets into a bound state.


Product : Access,Spirent TestCenter,DHCP