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My second bank of SR5500s stuck while playing in DEE in SYNC mode of multi-GUI setup, why?


In DEE mode, each instance of SR5500 Testkit GUI can connect to / control up to 4 SR5500s. so called multi-banks type of setup allows multiple instances of the Testkit GUI running at the same time to control 4 SR5500s each, allows bigger number of SR5500s co-exists within a same setup. But there are couple of things to pay extra attention here.

  1. All SR5500s have to have its unique IP address within the setup.
  2. Only one primary bank exists in one setup.
  3. Only one secondary bank exists as "last group".
  4. Proper digital sync-cables have to be connected to every SR5500s across all banks, connect from the 1st unit of the primary bank to the last unit of last bank in sequence.
  5. All SR5500s shall use DEE files with exact same number of states and exact same state duration for all states.
  6. All banks have to use same DEE "Playback mode" settings.
  7. All the secondary banks shall have DEE "Trigger mode" set to "Triggered start".
  8. Connect/Disconnect operation on all banks shall be done in sequence.
  9. Play/stop fading in sequence started from the last group of bank to primary bank.
  10. Make sure to have common 10MHz reference clock share between all SR5500s.

Product : SR5500,SR5500