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How to configure a proxy for the Web application in iTest for Windows?

  • Spirent iTest
  • Web
  • iTest web application session profile allows testing on the following browsers in Windows machines.
  • Microsoft Internet Explorer (IE)
  • The built-in Mozilla browser.
  • Configuring proxies for Internet Explorer:
  • Start Internet Explorer (not from Spirent iTest) and configure the explorer in the normal way for proxy. When Spirent iTest launches Internet explorer, it picks up the proxy setting automatically.
  • Configuring proxies for Spirent iTest's built in browser (Mozilla-Firefox) you configure the browser proxy by setting preferences.
  • To view or edit preferences, click Windows ->Preferences. On the preference page, click Spirent -> Session types -> Web -> Proxy setting.
  • Properties can also be set by launching the iTest web browser, and going to the URL: about:config
  • When we load the URL, you will see a big list of various properties in use. We can filter out the properties of interest by typing 'proxy' in the filter box. Double clicking on any property brings up a dialog where you can edit the value of that property.
  • I have tried to group up most common scenarios of proxy usage and described below how to configure them:
  • No Proxy:
  • This is the default setting. If you are not using proxies, then you do not need to modify anything.
  • If you are using a proxy and want to remove it, choose this option. Set the network.proxy.type property to 0.
  • Auto-detect proxy:
  • This setting causes the Mozilla engine to automatically detect which proxy to use. To do this set the network.proxy.type property to 4.
  • Automatic proxy configuration file/url:
  • If you configure your proxy with a proxy configuration (.pac) file, then use this setting.
  1. Set the network.proxy.type property to
  2. Set the network.proxy.autoconfig_url property to the URL of the proxy configuration file, for example, file:///home/username/myproxyfile.pac.
  3. Click Reload to reload the PAC file from the specified URL. 

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