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How do I open a Service Request for Avalanche hardware or software?


There are several ways to open a Service Request (SR) for Avalanche hardware and software: by email, through the Customer Service Web site, or by phone. 

Customer Service Web sitesite:
Phone: 1 800-SPIRENT (7747368)
When opening an SR please collect or have access to the following data to expedite the resolution of your issue: the Web site file, the log files, software version, hardware type, PCAP file, and a detailed description of your issue.
Collecting the Web site file:

1. Go to File/Export Project

2. Select the Project that the Test is residing in...

3. Select the Test

4. Uncheck the Results and Content check boxes. Check the Logs check box then browse to where you would like the file to be saved and then click finish.

5. Web site the resulting SPF file to your email or upload it to your SR opened through the Customer Service Website.

Log files

If you are using a software version before the 4.20 release the Log files are located in C:\Program Files (x86)\Spirent Communications\Spirent TestCenter 4.15\Layer 4-7 Application\logs directory.  Please collect the following: commander.txt, runtime.txt, ui.text, and testrun.txt.

If you are using the 4.20 release or higher then the logs are located in the supportssers\username\Documents\Spirent\TestCenter 4.20\Logs directory and is delineated by the date and time.

Software Version

The software version can be found under Help/About.

Hardware Type

For appliances go to Administration/Appliances and the model will be found on the Details tab.

For the Spirent Test Center chassis and cards the go to supportsnstration/Spirent Test Center Chassis.  Under the Description column the first model number is the chassis and the second number is the card.

PCAP files

PCAP files are generated by running a Trial Run test and can be accessed on the Results tab. The files can be saved by right cllicking and saving to your desktop.



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