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GNSS Simulators: Are Spirent's Positioning products qualified to work in a low (or high) pressure test environment?


All Spirent Positioning simulators (GNSS and WiFi), Record and Replay Systems (RPS) and Radio Production Test equipment (RPT) are designed to work in a controlled environment such as a test laboratory or a production test area. Therefore they have only been qualified at normal atmospheric pressure (1 Atmosphere). Spirent cannot comment on what possible changes, if any, will occur to the equipment performance if used under alternative atmospheric pressure conditions. As such Spirent will not guarantee performance at anything other than normal atmospheric pressure.

Any user of Spirent positioning equipment  wanting to conduct testing of a receiver in a low (or high) pressure environment should design the test environment (chamber) so that the Spirent equipment can remain outside the chamber at normal room pressure and its output signal is connected to the chamber using suitable RF cables. Internal to the chamber the user may wish to radiate the signal with an antenna or transmit the signal with further, suitable, RF cable connections to the DUT.

Product : GSS5060,STR4500,GSS4150,GSS4100,GSS4200,GSS6100,GSS6300,GSS5700,GSS6400,GSS6560