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How to test DMU using TD II?


Dynamic Mobile IP Key Update (DMU) is a procedure used to update Mobile IP keys (e.g. MN-AAA secret, MN-HA secret) in CDMA 1x and EVDO network.

Prior to DMU test, we need confirm network private key file is in line with device public key file.

Under AirAccess installation folder, you will see a folder namely RSA Privae Keys, it includes some private/public key pairs:
   a. VZW 1024bit Test Key - Public.efs (public key file)
   b. VZW 1024bit Test Key - Public.text (text explanation of the public key file)
   c. VZW 1024bit Test Key.der (private key file)
   d. VZW 1024bit Test Key.text (text explanation of the private key file)

TD II by default will configure following parameters into AirAccess C2K:
Private Key file: VZW 1024bit Test Key.der

Thus we need load public key file into device, to make it in line with AirAccess C2K settings:
1.  Rename above item 'a. VZW 1024bit Test Key - Public.efs' to 10.key, copy the file to desktop.
   This ensures the key file corresponds to PKOID.

2. Open QPST Configuration-Start Clients-EFS explorer to browse files in mobile, drag 10.key from desktop into DMU directory under root.
   If the directory is not there, create one.

3. Open QPST Configuration-Start Clients-service programming, under MIP Tab, choose current profile, configure DMU Public Key ID to10.
   Note: Multiple public files can be loaded to mobile(DMU directory), but PKOID decides which one to use.

Ok, now you can run DMU tests with TD II.