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iTest: How to count number of steps present in a test case?

  • iTest
  • File Session
  • Open the testcase with Text Editor by right clicking on the testcase and Open With
  • We can count number of lines in a testcase by using the "item guid",which is present inside the xml code of the iTest test case.
  • Each step of test case owns a specific "item guid", so number of steps in testcase is equal to the number of "item guid"s present in the xml.
  • We can use "File session" to read the testcase's xml code to count the number of item guid's present inside xml code.
  • Attached is a sample test case and a session profile.

Note: As the File session reads the xml code line-by-line, increase the for loop count in testcase according to the number of lines present in xml code.



Product : iTest Enterprise