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Datum: Datum Mobile is Unable to Load Project from the Configuration Screen


This issue occurs because Datum Base does not recognize the IMEI reported by the mobile.  Here are some suggestions for troubleshooting the IMEI matching issue:

  • Confirm that the IMEI appears in the Datum Base project EXACTLY as it does in the "ID" field on the mobile. A hint: you do not necessarily need to use the mobile's IMEI, as long as you use a unique identifier that is identical in both places. If you wish, you could make up a number to use in both places, or use another common identifier like the phone number.
  • Confirm that the Datum Base Project is Active
    • Edit the Project
    • Select the Edit option in the Summary area
    • Change the Status to Active
  • Confirm that you are able to access the internet (i.e. browse to a website) on the test device.

If you are still having trouble after following these steps, please contact Spirent Support services, providing the name of the Project and the IMEI / Handset you are working with.

Product : Datum Win Phone,Datum J2ME,Datum iPhone,Datum BlackBerry,Datum Android