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How to create Custom Perspectives in iTest?


In general “Perspective” is nothing but the view/look.

Perspectives define visible action sets, which you can change to customize a perspective. You can save a perspective that you build in this manner, making your own custom perspective that you can open again later. 

One or more perspectives can exist in a single Workbench window.

We can create our own perspective in iTest with the required fields to display in iTest Workbench window.

To create a new perspective, we have to first customize and save the new perspective.

To do this go to iTest Window ->Customize Perspective…

In the Customize Perspective window select the required Tool Bar structures and click “Ok”

Once we are done with the creation of perspective, we can go ahead and save the new perspective.

To save a new perspective go to iTest Window ->Save Perspective As..
Give the perspective name and click ok to save it.

After saving the perspective we can observe our new perspective as displayed below

To delete a custom perspective go to iTest Windows-> Preferences In the search box type perspective, select the desired perspective and click "delete"

Product : Velocity Portfolio,Velocity iTest