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Spirent TestCenter: Is EEE (802.3az - Energy Efficient Ethernet) supported on any modules or appliances?

  • Spirent TestCenter
  • LLDP - Specifying EEE with TLV
  • EEE (802.3az)
  • 7/12/2021 - Currently Spirent does not support Energy Efficient Ethernet.
  • EEE (802.3az - Energy Efficient Ethernet) specific TLVs for testing LLDP are not supported
    • Although you could create a custom TLV if just need to send the TLV.
      • Example capture of a Custom TLV representing EEE TLV. (note, this is just an example)

Product : Spirent TestCenter,Switching,Spirent TestCenter,LLDP/DCBX