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Spirent TestCenter : What does "Tunnel information not resolved" (Yellow status) mean on stream block level when MPLS is used?

  • Spirent TestCenter
  • MPLS

If the stream block is yellow and you put the mouse over the amber dot and it says " Tunnel information not resolved" this is implying that we have not received the MPLS label needed to send the traffic.
This usually means that the DUT has not sent the label for the destination (s) prefix.

We can right click on the stream block, go to "Preview" and check "Show Resolved Encapsulations" to see the prefix which is unresolved/not bound.
We can also select "View Bindings" from a right click at device level to see all prefixes and labels learned from DUT or advertised to DUT, which will again show the unresolved labels

Product : LDP,Routing,Spirent TestCenter,MPLS,BGP