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How to add procedure's step response into the response of a call step in iTest?


A write step adds text into the response of a call step.


In a called procedure, you can use one or multiple write steps to return a response that includes response data from one or more of the procedure's steps.

To include complete response of a step into “call” step, follow the below example steps:

  •  Store the entire response of the procedure step in a variable. To store the response, go to step properties->other post processing->Store response->store the response in variable and give a variable name.                   
  •  Add a “write” step and add the variable in the description as shown in the below screenshot.


  •    When we call this procedure in another procedure using “Call” step, we can observe the step response which we have added at write step in the Call step response.



Product : Velocity Portfolio,Velocity iTest