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Umetrix Voice: How do HD cables differ from NB cables?


Here are some notes about NB cables vs. HD cables:

  • The 2.5 mm plug of the HD cables is the same as it was with the NB cables.  TRS is equal to mic / speaker / ground.
  • For the HD cable connector, there is a male-5-pin (Nomad HD side) to female-5-pin (cable-side) connection, as opposed to a 4-pin configuration with Nomad NB.  The center pin is used as "common".
  • On the Umetrix Voice HD equipment, the NB channels are identical to those on the legacy Umetrix Voice hardware.
  • The primary difference between the NB and HD channels is that HD has a 5th center pin.  There is also a gender difference so that customers do not accidentally use a NB cable on an HD port or an HD cable on a NB port.

Please contact Spirent support if you require detailed pinout diagrams.

Product : Umetrix Voice