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REACT DS1 testing with a 6700 TSC: 6700 TSC reports "FRCE FAULT RTU" when attempting a DS1 access


REACT testing a DS1 with a 6700 in TSC mode.


In short , this error occurs when a request for a test is made, but the interface or test card was either not present or was momentarily not visible from the back plane

Below are a few possible causes for the error "FRCE FAULT RTU" when attempting an DS1 access via REACT using a 6700 in TSC mode.  

1). Fad card in slot 14 while lines 1-3 of the tap table are populated.   In other words, someone put the DS1 FAD interface card in slot 14 when they should have put it in slot 13.  Slot 13 uses lines 1-3 of the tap table and slot 14 uses lines 4-6.

2). Framing and line coding fields of the line or tap table are blank.

3). Got a "poll deny" from a card that had a measurement in progress. Note: This condition is only able to be seen with back-plane debugs enabled.  Only STAC personnel are able to do this

4). No pvs card. When attempting PVS test.

Product : REACT,BRTU