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GNSS Positioning Simulator: What is the affect on the RF signal if my simulator fails calibration for "Carrier Breakthrough"?

  • STR4730 / 4750 / 4760 / 4780 / 4790
  • GSS7700 / 7735 / 7790 / 7800 / 7900
  • GSS8000
  • “Carrier Breakthrough” is unwanted signal energy at the RF centre frequency
  • It is caused by an imbalance of the I and Q arms of the vector modulator (IF module)
  • The primary affect on the output signal is a dominant CW peak in the RF spectrum, at the centre frequency
  • It appears as an unwanted in-band spurious signal
  • If the signal level is strong enough it will act like a jammer
        - A receiver will have problems acquiring or maintaining lock on the wanted signals
  • The normal, wanted satellite signals are not affected
        - They still have the correct pseudorange, pseudorange rate (or Doppler), code and nav message content. 

Product : Calibration,STR4790,STR4780,STR4760,STR4750,STR4730,GSS7790,GSS7735,GSS7700,GSS7800