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iTest: How to run iTest testcases through IBM-Rational Quality Manager.


1. Spirent iTest

2. IBM-Rational Quality Manager application


Configure the RQM server and start the jazz team server from “Start->All programs->IBM  Collabarative Lifecycle Management->Start the Jazz Team Server” .

The tomcat command line will open and it will take few minutes to start the server . After sometime it will show the message like server will start in xxxxxxms , then the server starts .

 Test Setup/Requirements:

  1. Launch/start the iTest RT adapter (when starting multiple adapters change the instance ID)   Go to the “iTestRT” location, i.e C:Program FilesSpirent CommunicationsiTest 4.2iTestRT” from command prompt and execute the following command

   itestrt.bat --licenseServer --rqm.adapter --rqm.adapter.repository --rqm.adapter.user SpirentiTest --rqm.adapter.password Spirent11 --rqm.adapter.projectArea iTest1 --rqm.adapter.instanceID MyAdapter   --rqm.adapter.pollInterval 5 --rqm.adapter.retryCount 3-> PASS

     Once we run the command we will get following output if adapter started successfully.


    2. After starting the adapter, launch the RQM application through web browser.

    3. Verify the launched Adaptor is visible from the RQM server - Execution tab - Adapter Console -> PASS

    4. Execution tab - View Test Case - click on the "name" check what iTest instance are referenced and available. If your target iTest test is not available you need to create one

    5. Test case must exist as itar file on the machine that your Adaptor is running (define ITAR_PATH on the system)

    6. Create a RQM Test Case from the Construction - Create Test Case - view Test case if not already exist (Construct - Create a test case - "new_test")


     From the newly created Test Case from Construciton - Create Test Script :

  • select Type for iTest
  • select "Use test resources that are local to a test machine"
  • click "Select Adapter" and select adapter to use
  • Select project path and test script.
  • Fill both the Test Case old and Test Case with the same iTest case name (use full iTest test case URI, for example project://SNMP/test_cases/snmp_alias.fftc)
  • Now update your RQM test case "new_test" by click "+" to add existing iTest reference test and add new RQM test script


    7. Executing iTest test: Execution -View Test case - select iTest test type

  •  Test case must exist as itar file in the Adaptor machine (define ITAR_PATH on the system)
  • Execution -View Test case - select referenced iTest test name
  • Click "Run Test Case" (green button on top)
  • From Run Test Case pop-up windows change  Adaptor Machine to your iTest Adapter

 All of the test cases must passed as acceptance criteria for both Windows and Linux platform.





Product : iTest Enterprise