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iTest : What is License Borrowing and what is the use of this feature?


In iTest, the License Borrowing is a feature that allows users to "borrow" a license seat from the license host server for a limited time, disconnect from the network and use the borrowed license even with no connection to the license server. This is very useful in case you want to use the software offline.

The length of the time that a license can be borrowed is determined by the software vendor. You can check if you can borrow licenses by checking the license file. Each FEATURE line that has a BORROW=XXX on it indicates that this license key can be borrowed for a maximum of XXX hours. If you do not see BORROW=XXX as part of the FEATURE line, that license key cannot be borrowed.
In some common situations (at home on the weekends, running tests at a vendor’s or customer’s site) you cannot obtain a Spirent iTest license because you cannot connect to the license server. In these situations, you can still use Spirent iTest by “borrowing” a license from the license server onto a portable computer for a limited time and then “returning” it when you no longer need it.

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