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Spirent TestCenter : How to use the different Time Sources in IEEE1588v2 emulation?

  • Spirent TestCenter
  • IEEE 1588
  • Below are the details on various Time Source values in IEEE1588v2:​
    • Atomic Clock - Hex Value (0x10)​​
      • Any device, or device directly connected to such a device, that is based on atomic resonance for frequency and that has been calibrated against international standards for frequency and if the PTP timescale is used​
    • Terrestrial Radio – Hex Value (0x30)
      • ​​​​​​Any device synchronized via any of the radio distribution systems that distribute time and frequency tied to international standards
    • PTP – Hex Value (0x40)​
      • Any device synchronized to a PTP based source of time external to the domain
    • Hand set – Hex Value (0x60)​
      • Used in all cases for any device whose time has been set by means of a human interface based on observation of an international standards source of time to within the claimed clock accuracy​
    • PTP Profile 240, 241, 242 ……. 254 Hex Value (0xF0-0xFE)
      • For use by alternate PTP profiles
      • As a test tool, TestCenter allows the user to configure values outside of the ones specified in the standard. The “PTP profile” setting selections allow these non-standard values to be configured for an emulated clock.
    • Note that these are all values that simply set the appropriate byte values within the PTP messages.
      • This is for communicating between devices participating in BMCA about the time source.

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