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Landslide: How do I generate a DMF of FTP upload?

  • All Test Cases with Data Traffic enabled
    • Data Message Flow (DMF) can be configured.

1. Enable the data traffic function by checking the checkbox of "Data Traffic" in the Test Configuration tab;

2. Add "FTP Active Data Transfer Mainflow" to the Data Message Flows windows in the L3-7 tab;

3. Double click the DMF flow->Select Sequencing tab->click Show Subflows button;

4. Double click "FTP Active Data Transfer Subflow"->Select Sequencing tab.

5. in the #2 command, change the first Message from "None" to "Response", Change the second Message from "Response" to "None".

6. Save the FTP uploading DMF files and have a try.

Product : Landslide,DMF,Landslide Client,Landslide,FTP