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GPS: What is the NATO Standard Agreement STANAG 4294 ?

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  • The "NATO Standard Agreement STANAG 4294" is a document created that defines system characteristics of GPS essential for the design of receivers and use by Military services belonging to NATO. 
    • STANAG Stands for "Standardized Agreement".
    • This document was created in 1991.
    • The STANAG has not been updated.
    • A lot of the information in the STANAG is the same as the IS-GPS-200 document.
  • The first Spirent simulators were designed using this standard. 
    • While some of the elements of the STANAG still remain in the Spirent Simulators, we generally follow the IS-GPS-200 Interface specification to be compliant with the latest standards.
      • This is currently IS-GPS-200F.
    • One exception is the Minimum received power level (see FAQ14116).


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