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iTest Lab Optimizer: How does an iTest Lab Optimizer calls the procedures in the driver testcase ?

  • iTest Lab Optimizer
  • Basically, iTest Lab Optimizer (iLO) doesn't call the procedures in the driver test case directly. For whatever procedure it needs to call, it will call them in the form of parameters.

Example: -p call_count 1    #Here the value 1 indicate the number of count

              -p call_0 getPorts  #Here the getPorts is the value of first index call (0). Basically a procedure name

              If the call_count value is 2, then call_0, call_1 will be passed as a parameter to test case, and so on.

  • The driver test case will then process these parameter values in the main procedure and then calls the respective procedures as shown below,


  • Other parameters like, IpAddress, UserName.. etc., from templates are passed as -p property_username <value>, -p property_password <value>, etc.,

Product : Velocity Portfolio,Velocity iTest